English Reflective Letter Essay

Any change in general, as we have seen in the literature, is unsettling. The familiar is comfortable, even if it is not the best arrangement for all parties......?

REFLECTIVE DIARY The whole project was like a nightmare to me.

However, I am proud of my writing skills in assignment 2 because they depict my strength in formatting, great sentence combination, few grammatical errors, and objectivity.

Ideally, I adopted efficient revision strategies that included class discussions, detailed research at the library, creating a revision timetable, and seeking professional advice from my tutors.

Indeed, summarizing the most relevant information on the slides and achieving the correct sentence combination were very challenging.

Nevertheless, I have begun to solve the problem in achieving correct sentence combination by writing more works, researching the best writing skills, and seeking guidance from my tutor.

However, writing focused paragraphs and supporting generalization with facts has been my major strength covering up for the lack of compelling beginnings... I try to use diagrams and pictures which prove to be having the most resources as possible (Reflecting on your writing portfolio 255).

Another strength that I normally use in my writing is the use of interactive questions to my readers.

Indeed, my writing process manifests my strength in the formatting my works according to the referencing and formatting requirements.

My consistency in using the APA referencing through my assignments is a strong point.


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