Esl Narrative Essay Prompts

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Write a story about a day you might have spent lost in a foreign country without knowing the language. Imagine a city project to have every school student do some hours of community service as a part of the required curriculum.

Sometimes family members or friends embarrass you when other people are around.

Your teacher leaves, telling you that someone else will teach the class for the rest of the time.

Write a story about a time your teacher had to go home, and someone else took over the class.

The squirrel then looks you square in the eye, begins to talk to you, and asks you to return its acorn. What would happen if you encountered a talking squirrel?

There, on the branch above you sits a squirrel, laughing at you.

Everyone has a day in his or her life that was extra special or dreams about what he or she would do on a special day.

One day, as you pass, you notice that the door is open. Write a story about what was on the other side of that door. Tell a story about what happened when you traveled on a wagon pulled by horses. Tell a story about a day in which everything went wrong. Imagine you could travel to the future and live there.

Now write a story in which you were a hero/heroine in a tough situation. A little old lady gave you and a friend some magical glitter and told you to sprinkle it on your hair and something special would happen. Write a story about this mysterious magical glitter. One day you and your friends walked up to an old, seemingly abandoned house. The door creeks open as if it has not opened in years .

Write a story about entering that old, seemingly abandoned house.


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