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So my body has missing parts, added parts, and scars, but it still seems to work.My life has daily bumps and twists and turns, as well as joy and beauty.Cancers cause about 4 million deaths annually at the world level which account for about 10% of all deaths. The physical, biological and chemical agents, which induce cancer growth, are called carcinogens (Table 8.20). Ionising radiations like X-rays, gamma-rays and particulate radiations from radioactive substances are known to rupture DNA strands and induce mutations to cause neoplastic transformation and cancer e.g., excessive exposure to sunlight may stimulate the development of skin cancer in farmers. Early detection of cancers is essential as at the later stages most of cancers become incurable. This information may lead to new ways to stop the cancer from growing.

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Nothing says “chemo patient” like a super-short hairstyle. The diagnosis itself shook the ground beneath me, but I was lucky enough to find a new stable spot to stand.

After each physical change occurred, it was upsetting, and then I would get used to it. Then the ground shook a few more times: When I learned of a recurrence, and then another. When I learned that I would need to integrate chemotherapy every other week into my otherwise happily full calendar.

By Marie Colantoni Pechet Guest Blogger Normally I don’t notice my body.

I’ve always been relatively thin and people tell me that I appear to be fit even when I know that I’m not.


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