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For women, cheating can be as easy as writing infinitely small words on your fingernails.All you have to do is find a tiny pen or pencil, whittle it down to the size of a human hair, and then write your notes. Also, if you have the patience and determination to write the Pythagorean Theorum on your nails, maybe you should consider putting all that effort into studying.If you know where the exam will take place, go ahead of time and write the notes you need on the desk or the chair in front of you.

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However, some experts view this specific form of deceit as more pernicious because it can be so hard to detect by the usual tools and methods.

Wendy Sutherland-Smith, a longtime scholar of academic integrity, doesn't hold back: "Contract cheating companies are really insidious, evil, nasty beasts," she declared. We're available 24/7, which your university professors are not.

But, if you truly have nothing left to lose, it can be fun to see what you can get away with!

Anti-Plagiarism Tools Contract cheating — the use of essay writing services to manufacture coursework — is on the rise, along with other forms of academic dishonesty. When 13 undergraduate engineering students were booted out of the program at Australia's Deakin University in May 2016 for taking part in "contract cheating," it may have looked like just another round in institutional efforts to combat academic dishonesty, akin to reducing plagiarism or stamping out the use of term paper mills.

Another great way to cheat is to write your notes on the inside brim of a baseball cap.

When your head is down looking at your desk, your teacher can’t see that your eyeballs are actually faced up towards the ceiling.Simply take the label off of a water bottle the night before your test.You can write your notes and answers on the white portion of the bottle and then stick it back on.Also, you run the risk of the teacher seeing and erasing your hard work before the test even starts.Although this tactic can work for guys, it’s most effective for girls who don’t look weird lifting up their skirts in public.While this can be a great method if you have a lot of information to review, this method often captures the attention of both the teachers and the distracted guys sitting next to you.If acting is your forte, the Kleenex notebook is the way to go.Whenever you need an answer, all you have to do is take a drink.Of course, spending most of class gazing longingly at your water bottle may also make you look like a psycho.The night before, write out your notes on a piece of paper with the blank piece underneath.Although your paper will look blank from far away, you’ll be able to read the impressions easily. Your teacher will get concerned if you’re randomly staring and mumbling at a blank piece of paper.


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