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Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki’s works remains as the perfect alternative to the ultra-conservative, uni-cultural notions of Disney fairy tales.In 1997, the anime master wrote and directed Princess Mononoke, which is set in the medieval Japan and intertwined with supernatural, fantasy elements.The doctor saw this as a chance to test his theories on morality and language, the pivotal element that separates mankind from jungle beasts.

The people who were once denied the tools to tell their personal stories of oppression and displacement, in the hands of industrial-era colonists, are now voicing them out loudly.

Such insider’s viewpoint not only celebrates one’s richer aspects of culture, firmly realized long before the invasion of the Europe, but also rightfully banishes the blatant romanticism purported by Enlightenment era.

It’s fascinating to witness the slow ‘domestication’ of (supposedly) feral kids, brought up with limited or no access to human world; nurtured by nature.

Maybe, because at some level they represent the struggles we often face while entering into different (social/cultural) domains that inexorably keep us excluded, albeit in a much broader and painful scale.

Itard came across the Wild Boy of Aveyron, a 12-year-old found wandering naked in the forests.

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Unable to speak, walking on all fours, and scarred, the boy was placed under the care of Itard who named him Victor.

Rudyard Kipling’s 1894 children’s story The Jungle Book told the enchanting tale of Mowgli, raised by wolves, a panther, and a bear in the Indian jungle.

Later, Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912 created another archetypal ‘feral child’ character (raised in African jungles) in his Tarzan of the Apes.

Kaspar learns a little of human moral values when he is placed under the care of a serene family and later also gets to experience the cruel side when the townsfolk enters him into a freak-show.

He is later adopted by a kind & wealthy professor named Daumer.


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