Essay For Interpersonal Communication

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An organization may also depend on information being properly encoded or decoded so that the staff can easily understand the message that is intended to be passed out.

In Enron there is an argument that “Enron executives invested an incredible amount of time and energy, and literally spent millions of dollars on accountants and lawyers, in order to make their activities so complex they were not likely to be discovered, much less understood or prosecuted against them”(Barlow, 1996).

The focus of the paper is based on interpersonal communication at the workplace principle.

Interpersonal communication is defined as the sending and receiving information between two or more people and the understanding of it through use of symbols or language.

Frequent check up by the manager will ensure that the work is done at the proper time and deadlines are met.

The leader or manager of the team should use direct communication in order to avoid misinformation at the workplace and also make sure that every member is notified if there are any changes that have occurred.

The Shannon and Weaver model of communication was developed to show the effects communication between two people (interpersonal communication) (Kikoski 1993).

In the Shannon and Weaver model, a message is encoded (via a symbolic form) from a source (the sender) through a medium called a channel, and decoded (retranslated) by the receiver.

The team at the workplace needs to communicate for it to become successful and consequently, if there is no proper communication, the result is that their goals will never be achieved (King, 2000).

The manager or the leader at the workplace should not only always communicate with the members of the team but also be able to check the progress of work of each individual and the group as a whole.


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