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Indeed, there was not even a shred of condemnation of the Ugandan/RPF invasion, this despite the clamour raised only two months earlier with regard to the advance of Iraqi forces into Kuwait.In point of fact, the US and its allies supported the aggression against Rwanda and US Special Forces operated alongside the RPF from the beginning.This support notwithstanding, the small Rwandan army (with some help from a Congolese battalion) was eventually able to repel the invading forces.Following the Berlin Conference of 1885 Rwanda came under the suzerainty of Germany which was, itself, replaced as colonial overlord following WW1, by Belgium.Rwanda’s feudal order remained intact, however, until 1956 when the Belgians finally organized elections.On October 1, 1990 the self-styled Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) launched a surprise attack from Uganda.Though calling themselves a force of ‘liberation’ the offensive was a thinly disguised invasion by Uganda itself.Many of these held high office, including Paul Kagame.Kagame had been (and remains) an erstwhile client of Washington from well before he claimed to have ‘saved Rwanda from further genocide’ in 1994.This is the story of that swindle and of the scandalous truth that lies buried beneath it.Historical Context Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Rwanda was a feudal kingdom ruled by a Tutsi minority over a Hutu majority.


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