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Small but statistically significant effects were found.Effects on fluency and complexity, but not accuracy, can to some extent be explained by the pupils' proficiency level, rather than by the use of OT.

Small but statistically significant effects were found.

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Shapley et al., 2010) or Uruguay, that started early (cf.

Departamento de Monitoreo y Evaluación del Plan Ceibal, 2011), and many developing countries through the One Laptop per Child-programme (‘One Laptop per Child’, 2014).

The nuts and bolts of conversations revolve around common courtesies.

Este estudio examina la escritura de composiciones usando ordenadores en dos grupos (n=32 35, edades 17-18) de estudiantes suecos del español como lengua extranjera.

Los estudiantes que usaron TA produjeron menos errores de ortografía y de concordancia entre artículos, sustantivos y adjetivos, pero más errores de sintaxis y de morfología verbal.

Esto contradice la idea de los estudiantes de que la TA pudiera ayudarles a mejorar la sintaxis y a conjugar los verbos.The increase in computer access is often believed to facilitate school improvement, focussing generally on pupils’ academic results.Pro-computer voices also claim that an increase in technology use might motivate otherwise demotivated pupils – especially boys – to engage more in studies, at school as well as outside of school (Beastall, 2006; Buckingham, 2011).Un mejor conocimiento del idioma es indicado como un prerrequisito para que la TA pueda ser competentemente usada.Se recomienda más investigación sobre efectos longitudinales sobre el aprendizaje de vocabulario y sobre la corrección gramatical.Will you have the survival skills to master our quiz?Whether you’re visiting a Spanish-speaking country or even planning to live there, you’ll want to be able to chat to people and get to know them better.Pupils using OT made fewer mistakes regarding orthography and article/noun/adjective agreement, but more mistakes regarding syntax and verb morphology.This contradicts the participants' belief that OT helped them improving syntax and verb inflection.Looking as a foreign language teacher at pupils’ writing abilities, one might sometimes, perhaps somewhat cynically, be inclined to share the views of Britton et al.(19; quoted in Flower et al., 1981: 366), writing:“It is tempting to think of writing as a process of making linguistic choices from one’s repertoire of syntactic structures and lexical items.


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