Essay On Eid Day

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In many Moroccan families ,celebrations for the Eid begin in the morning with a family breakfast, which is the first daytime meal after a whole month where food and drink areto be resisted from dawn until sunset.

The night before,women do some beauty preparations and wash their hair, shave or wax their legs, cover their bodies in Henna decorations, and do their hand- and toenails.

Eid is also infused with diverse traditions in diverse countries.

The majority of individuals utilize the three days of this festivity for the visitations.

It is actually written in the Quran to pay special attention to sick and old people during the Eid, and it is obligatory to visit sick people, your family and friends during this holiday.

Another important aspect that completes the fasting and Ramadan is the principle of Zakat, the almsgiving.

Hamid explains to me that in case you have perform any behaviour that should be refained from during Ramadan (such as looking at a woman more than an accidental glance or speaking badly about someone), you can pay Zakat, in order to make sure that the fasting is still accepted.

The amount of Zakat that is due to be paid this year is 2.5 kg of what the person is eating, such as flour or rice.

Shawwal denotes lifting; it is the month of rising-up after a complete month of fasting.

Well, the date of this amazing festivity depends on the emergence of the new moon. The celebrations of Eid Al Fitr can start after the emergence of the new moon.


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