Essay On Empiricism Vs Rationalism

Our focus here will be on the competing rationalist and empiricist responses to the second question.

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The second thesis associated with rationalism is the Innate Knowledge thesis. The Intuition/Deduction thesis cites intuition and subsequent deductive reasoning.

The Innate Knowledge thesis offers our rational nature.

In some instances, their disagreement on this topic leads them to give conflicting responses to the other questions as well.

They may disagree over the nature of warrant or about the limits of our thought and knowledge.

Rationalists claim that there are significant ways in which our concepts and knowledge are gained independently of sense experience.

Empiricists claim that sense experience is the ultimate source of all our concepts and knowledge.

I am persuaded by this argument and think we should not use Ockham's razor; I have it here because people seem to like using it, but hopefully they will be persuaded by Dr. I have recently seen an episode of "Through the Wormhole" with God, I mean, Morgan Freeman, and scientists have apparently discovered that, even in a vaccum, there are some sort of subatomic particles there, so there is no such thing as nothing, or that even nothing is something.

The dispute between rationalism and empiricism concerns the extent to which we are dependent upon sense experience in our effort to gain knowledge.

Rationalists generally develop their view in two ways.

First, they argue that there are cases where the content of our concepts or knowledge outstrips the information that sense experience can provide.


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