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ù International Collaborations: In 1999 representatives from nine historic site museums from different parts of the world met in Bellagio.Italy to set up the international coalition of sites conscience.

ù International Collaborations: In 1999 representatives from nine historic site museums from different parts of the world met in Bellagio.

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Gallery l V to Vl : A present history of the armed struggle led by Sector & Brigade Commanders, objects used by martyrs and freedom fighters, international support by different governments, public leader and media, role of the religious fundamentalist collaborators of the military regime, killing of the intellectuals, excavated human remains, final thrust of the Allied Forces and victory in December 16, 1971.

Visitors to the museum discover the event that led to the people’s upheaval and resistances to Pakistani military’s atrocities and the human sacrifices that gave birth of the fundamental principles of democracy, secularism, socialism and nationalism of the Bangladesh constitution (1972).

Effort have been taken through displays and regular programs to create a living museum where visitors can draw contemporary relevance for building national unity as well as a tolerant society against human rights abuses.ù Major Programs Primary focus of Liberation War Museum (LWM) is to educate the new generation with history of liberation struggle so that they can feel proud of their motherland and get imbued with the spirit of patriotism and liberal democratic ideas.

Some of the programs the museum organizes are highlighted below: ù Finance Liberation War Museum (LWM) and its Projects Right from the beginning the appeal by the Trustees for material, financial and any other kind of help solicited overwhelming response from the people and ensured the establishment of truly a people’s museum.

About Liberation War Museum The Liberation war museum (LWM) was established in 1996 to Honor of Bangladeshi people’s heroic struggle for democracy and national rights through the armed resistance against the Pakistan Army after it had unleashed one of the worst genocides in history upon the people of then Eastern Pakistan in the middle of night 25 March 1971 The nine months long war led to the emergence of independent Bangladesh as a secular democratic state in December 1971.

The museum bring to view the untold stories of courage and determination, victory and defiance, heroics and heartbreaks.

A full-fledged museum with proper facilities and modern amenities ill be built there.

An open competition for the museum design as held in 2009 and the best design was selected by an international jury board. Liberation War Museum (LWM) needs to support of everyone for the realization building this citizen’s museum.

Science none of the museum’s venture are profit making Liberation War Museum (LWM) seeks funding from various sources, namely government and private donations from home and abroad.

Since 1999, successive governments have continued to allocate token grants in the national budget.


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