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I used a female model to imitate Liberty as she is the essential part of the image.

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The dog is arguably as equally important in the image as the couple themseleves, the fact he is under the table and attached to the lead gives the illusion this photograph has been taken on an ordinary day where the couple are simply having lunch in a cafe.

The dog is also looking up at the couple which draws our attention up to them, additionally the fact the man's hand is on his knee it leads our eye down to the dog on the floor.

The first step was to understand the painting and strip it down to its core parts.

Below is a deconstruction of the painting in which I have analysed pieces in depth and identified key elements of the painting.

I also add a black edge round border to make the edges faded.

Then I wanted the fist to be the main feature so made it larger than it truly is and used the dodge tool to make it brighter so it stood out more and was more clearer than before Following on from my work on Liberty Leading the People I need to find an artist to compare/contrast the painting above with.Doisneau's Kiss image explores a couple in a romantic embrace, although the image is staged the blurred background makes us feel he has captured it in a decisive moment.This is shown through the man's shoulder in the foreground which is closet to the camera being blurred and the cars in the background being blurred to emphasise how the couple are in their own moment and stopping time just for a second to enjoy each other.Although the pictures are both very similar they have also many opposing qualities.Bresson's image is in full focus so possibly the image is staged and the moment hasn't been captured as quickly as the other photograph.If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked.I did this with the aim of conveying From this I will pick my favourite image and go on to editing it further to create a final response.I picked the image to the left to create my response to Liberty Leading the People as I felt it conveyed two key messages from the painting which are: strength and women.Now I have analysed both The Kiss and Sidewalk Cafe in detail I wanted to create a response which merged all the key ideas from each photograph into one response.When responding to Liberty Leading the People I created a photographic response although it was a painting so showing it in a different media.


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