Essay On The Rabbit Proof Fence

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Even though it is based on a true story, it does not exactly recount every detail of Molly’s experience.

There is a possibility that the film could have dramatized and exaggerated some aspects of the story to increase the effect of the film.

The film tells a story of great courage and helps the reconciliation process.

The film helps general public of Australia to gain a better knowledge about Australia’s true history.

An Australian film Rabbit Proof Fence directed by Philip Noyce is reliable to an historian studying the Protection policies of the Australian Government during the 1930’s in that it tells a true story about three Aboriginal children who were taken away from their families because they were half-castes.

However, it is not reliable in that it only tells us about the effect of Protection policy in Western Australia, not the whole country.The girls make their own adventure as they race through the Australian wilderness.But one thing is evident, they don't want the adventure, they just want to get home.Innocent natives were murdered, they were starved, stripped of their land and of their children.These are only some of the things that have been consequences of aboriginal racism.They Aboriginal people are a very big part of the Australian tradition and culture.have been living in the country for countless generations peacefully until white settlers came upon the land and took over.It outlines the experiences and hardships Aboriginal people had to go through because of white settlers.This film helps general public and history students to acknowledge the true history of Australia.However, it is not useful in that we do not know whether Australian Government had the same policy as Western Australian Government.Also, the film focuses only on half-caste children and it is made from only one person’s story.


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