Essay Prompts For Night By Elie Wiesel

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Night1Night by Elie Wiesel is a compelling story of one boys survival of the Holocaust.

It was the events to follow that caused him to curse God.

This hatred was directed first against other individuals.

Night illustrates the loss in human ties after the anguish of the reprehensible treatment that the Jews received every day.

Wiesel's harsh experiences cause him to question his companionship with God.

People like Elie Wiesel have shared their experiences with us. All of a sudden he was not allowed to worship in public. Families still continued to meet in houses to worship.

This allows any person who reads this book to experience the horror through words. Then life became a little rougher and the Jews were moved out of their homes.

A person would question living when he sees the demise of loved ones and fellow Jews right before his eyes.

When starting to give up on all hope of life and God, it would be anticipated that one would no longer trust others, especially when they are fighting each other for their own survival.


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