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The power of the guardians to rule over the unenlightened is not accomplished through force, but coercion.Rules, laws conventions, traditions, beliefs and tenets of behavior which do not require oppressive circumstances for the masses to adhere to them create a self-fulfilling prophecy.“The American Revolution must be considered as an anticolonial war for independence, not only a war of liberation from overseas rule but a war for freedom. The Enlightenment Influence on the American Revolution.

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The world is separated into three groups: the few who are enlightened, the guardians whom the unenlightened have given the power and authority of supervision over them and the unenlightened whom the guardians treat like animals by exploiting their fear and laziness.

(It is worth nothing that guardians can be either enlightened or unenlightened).

Once attained, it reproduces itself in the freedom to act without fear or cowardice which keeps one unenlightened.

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Kant then poses a rhetorical proposition questioning whether a society of clergymen could justifiably bind behavior to a contractual rule of order free from alteration in the face of future acquisition of knowledge.

Kant answers that such a situation would be null and void as it is represents a conspiracy to deny the application of enlightened thought to future generations who would forever be ceaselessly bound to an outdated and archaic bond existing solely for the purpose of creating a perpetual guardianship.

From this Kant leads to the concept of a monarch lacks the power to decree anything upon his people which they would not decree upon themselves, arguing that the power held by a leader is authority that can only be given by the people, not taken from them.

He then explains the powers and duties that should be expected from an enlightened monarch living in an enlightened age before asking whether we live in an enlightened age.

This this is the set-up: why do people choose to remain unenlightened by allowing others to make decisions for them which they could make through the use of reason that takes into account an understanding of what they have learned.

For Kant, the explanation is simple: the mass of men and all women are lazy and fearful.


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