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Thus it should come as no surprise that Chile has a wider diversity of plants than any other country. These cover hillsides all over Chile and provide wood and fuel for all Chile and beyond.Indeed, , the ‘Andean Pine’ provides the wood that is used in school technical woodwork lessons.

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These results show that using renewable energy will not only help mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but also allow them to get out of poverty.

In the second essay, I find that high temperatures are extremely harmful for corn and potato production in Chile.

During the military coup and shortly before they were to be published by the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Valparaíso, many of those poems disappeared.

These are poems that exalt the body, reject the taboos surrounding female sensuality, and elude a revolutionary discourse that was also sexist.

The work synthesized what was happening in many cities around Latin America: the citizenry taking to the streets to demand greater representation, more rights, and justice.

But those ideals were not embraced by the entire society, and the lack of consensus grew more patent in March 1973, when the opposition to the Unidad Popular government lost the parliamentary elections.I find that one more day of temperatures above the upper threshold of 29C reduces corn and potato yields by almost 20% and that these reductions in yields are strongest for the poorest regions of the country.These results give evidence that future climate change will have significant negative impacts on agriculture in Chile and could also increase inequality and poverty.Developing countries are expected to be the most vulnerable to future climate change due to their reliance on agriculture, their geographic location as well as their lack of resources for mitigation and adaptation.It is crucial to (1) measure the economic impacts of climate change on the developing world, (2) understand which regions will be affected the most to be able to efficiently allocate the scarce resources available for adaptation (3) study which measures towards mitigation and adaptation improve development in these regions.1948) developed a body of work that linked the sculptural and the poetic.She looked to the transformative power of "precarious" forms—small spatial constructions with elements taken from nature destined to disappear—and of what she called her (Stupid diary), the erotic poems with a feminist bent that she wrote from 1966 to 1972.The wind is so strong that trees only grow to about 1ft off the ground, like bonsai trees, and bushes grow horizontally along the ground, spreading out over many square yards but rising only a few inches above the ground!Well, hopefully I’ve shown you just a small glimpse of the fascinating flora of Chile, which is the most diverse in the world.These plants are crawling with bugs and butterflies, and on average, 1.3 new species of insect are discovered every time a botanist looks at a rotting flesh plant.At the opposite end, way down south in Chile is a subarctic environment, where only the hardiest of plants survive.


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