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Child Observation Subjects: Boy-3 years old, Girl-4 years old, Mother.Hypothesis: My hypothesis was to determine the effects of maternal presence versus absence on sibling behavior.

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workshops, and home visit to help parents meet goals for their children. Room arrangement and choice of equipment are geared toward toddlers and their development needs.

The room was The middle of the room had a rocking chair that was in use quite a lot during the two hours I observed.

The first stage (Lead Line) has beginner level participants from any age group.

Heath’s group (Pea Wee’s) is the next level up from the Lead Line group and consists of ages 6 and under.

Special needs children are included in early head start.

This room had a child with a disability of blindness but the child was not there during my observations.

The next level is for more advanced children between 7 and 10....

[tags: Child Observation ] - Observation is important as the practitioner can find out what the child is interested in and what motivates them to learn alongside their progress and how they behave in certain situations, additionally at the same time it identifies if children need assistance within certain areas of learning or socially (DCSF, 2008).

Furthermore the observations check that the child is safe, contented, healthy and developing normally within the classroom or early years setting, over time the observations can be given to parents as they show a record of progress which helps to settle the parent and feel more comfortable about their child’s education....

[tags: Child Development Observation] - The pre-school is in a small predominately-white rural village with a high ratio of staff.


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