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It is a machine that accepts a program and data, and runs that program on that data.

Sympathy then, is running your program on someone else’s data. As you can see the results of the sympathy and empathy computations are not guaranteed to be identical.

In the canonical specification of Nonviolent Communication, this chapter is literally titled “Observing without Evaluation”. In this messaging block we are transmitting our observations rather than our opinions.

The assumption NVC operates with is that when viewing the world, we sense our observable universe and then evaluate it to return opinions.

What we are interested in is the family of problems characterized by the set of disharmonies, disagreements, and arguments.

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Now it must be noted that nonviolent communication admits to there being intractable arguments.

In a nutshell Nonviolent Communication is about becoming the Universal Empathy Machine, to be able to emulate the architecture of an arbitrary person given an arbitrary experience.

, is a theory by Marshall Rosenberg and the title of a book which has an unfortunate cover.

(What is it when one person is not ready to resolve? Argument resolution often never starts because it does not aim to find connection.

In some cases we are talking past each other, we need to connect onto what the main topics are.


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