Essays From Middle School Students

I think she can, but she is never given the chance.

Eleanor’s aide is by her side every second, including recess and lunch. This box makes it seem as though Eleanor can’t engage in the world and gives the message to all the kids in her class to leave her alone because she is different.

Eleanor isn’t even counted enough as a person/student in my class to be included in the “everyone” category.

This is just one story of one girl in the world who is in my school, but I know that stuff like this is happening everywhere.

Maybe Eleanor would have loved to join the book club?

I think about the many, many times that Eleanor has had similar things happen to her.The reading teacher wasn’t going to give the notice to another kid; she just threw it away and walked out the door.As a child, I see this situation as very messed up.When my math is “well done,” I get a grade, not a piece of a cookie.She is treated and represented and misinterpreted as though she can’t learn like any other 5th grader.I honestly don’t think she is still in that stage of life.In so many ways, I see her act just as any other student would act. ” like we all say (at least in our minds), and yet, when she does a math problem that is “well done,” she is given a piece of a chocolate chip cookie.This box is a big barrier to her having real friends and her being a real friend.It is a barrier to her engaging with her classmates.I have noticed the teachers, other kids, her aides, the principal, and even the teacher who is supposed to be in charge of inclusive education treat her like she is different from the rest of the students our age. The aides act almost as if they are terrified of her and because they act this way, most of the other kids do, too.A lot of the students who are the same age as Eleanor act as though they are older than she is and that she still wants books like Frog and Toad read to her, as if she is a child.


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