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They learned how to use the pollen from one variety of corn to fertilize another variety to produce a hybrid.

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New ways of spreading information allowed farm families to hear about soil conservation programs also.

They learned about cattle and hog breeding which in turn improved the livestock industry.

Transportation advances greatly impacted the life of an Iowa farmer.

Another event that affected farm life was the commercial production of barbed wire.

Today nearly all corn planted in the United States and much of the rest of the world is some hybrid variety.

Early in Iowa's settlement by European farmers, a number of institutions were established to encourage agricultural advances.And they encouraged farmers to develop new products and new ways of doing their work.Interests in agricultural advancement also was reflected in the early provision for a state agricultural college and model farm to promote better farming techniques.The formal program of instruction began at Ames in 1869, and the college eventually developed into a nationally recognized leader in scientific agricultural advancement.The college developed extension services, education for people who are not enrolled as students, to provide up-to-date assistance for women and men on Iowa's farms.They have also meant Iowa's farm families are producing more than in the past.Some of the changes that have occurred as a result of scientific advances have been good for Iowa; some have caused problems for Iowans.By the latter part of the 19th century farmers had learned to diversify their crop production and to raise livestock for profit.Iowa farmers had learned the value in planting corn and feeding it to fatten their livestock.Over the years farmers have become more aware of conservation methods to prevent erosion and to protect the water.Some farmers have planted buffer strips—wide strips of grass—along waterways.


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