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When people are depressed, they would start making dreadful decisions in order to use it as a depression reliever so that they would be able to keep their minds off events that they would like to forget.Slowly, they would realize that they cannot abandon once they began.

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In this essay, we will uncover some major causes, effects, strategies to prevent us from making immoral life decisions.Sometimes they don’t realize how it can affect you and they don’t even do this on purpose. Then again, this picture will fade when having fun, but make sure you...Essay About Bad Life Decisions In our lives, there are always things that we want to remember, and things that we want to keep a distance from, but not everyone is lucky enough to actually stay away from the "filth" that may cost you dearly.Although these choices will usually affect us, some will affect others as well.Choices we make that affect other people are referred to as ethical choices.You may lose things that are valuable to you, like your happiness, your own life and the lives of the ones you love.The ones that failed doing so always have reasons for making those horrible decisions, which would definitely change their lives in to something worse.If I had known the outcome of this situation, had it never even crossed my mind.Absolutely no good has come out of this except for the fact it taught me a lesson but other than that, it has only brought us major problems and unwanted emotions.It hurt them emotionally and caused great disappointment towards myself.It affects their work schedules and forces them to take off to escort me to court, drug/alcohol assessment, drug test, signing up for community service, etc., because that’s what is recommended if you are under the age of 18.


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