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The shooter was earlier expelled from this school because of problems with discipline.A fire alarm sounded ten minutes before the end of the lesson.Massacres in American schools happen so often in recent time that they already began to resemble a tragic soap opera.

The shooter was earlier expelled from this school because of problems with discipline.

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All these events explain the relevance of gun violence essays.

The possession of firearms by teachers and ordinary citizens has both supporters and opponents.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the history of this issue and the most common theories.

On their basis, you could draw own conclusions and write a quality weapons for college safety research paper.

A rich and influential National Rifle Association strengthens the appropriate moods.

After the carnage in Parkland, there were those who argued that the problem is not at all in the wide access to firearms.One of the Trump's main campaign slogans was the defense of the second amendment to the constitution - the Americans' right to own weapons.President reproaches democrats for their attempts to deprive the country's citizens of this freedom.Since the beginning of this year, several cases of armed attacks resulting in injuries and deaths happened in American schools.According to statistics from Washington Post, starting from the massacre at Columbine, more than 150,000 primary and senior students from 170 schools have witnessed murders or became victims of shooting in school.It guaranteed that the government would not be able to take away weapons from citizens as the British did at the end of colonial rule.Today, the topic of free guns is inextricably linked to the political, social and cultural splits in American society.The incident in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida which occurred on February 14, 2018, is not like many other tragedies of this kind.The criminal was detained alive, testified and cooperated with the investigation. The fact that the 19-year-old assassin, Nikolas Cruz, repeatedly demonstrated antisocial behavior is unprecedented.In their opinion, if schoolchildren and teachers were prepared, they could confront the murderer.Many people consider this point of view unacceptable. A school violence research paper is a perfect chance to express your opinion. People kill" - this is the slogan of supporters of free possession of firearms in the United States. The widespread use of guns does not necessarily lead to a large number of murders.


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