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Sure, they masquerade behind funny names like Rockett and Ivona Killeau, but every skater in my roller derby league is an athlete in disguise, a rough-and-tumble, hard-core wonder woman who doesn’t fear putting her body in danger on a daily basis. What does a bespectacled geek really have in common with a bunch of mean roller derby babes?

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If this neat little equation (word above, meaning hiding below) is all there is to language, why do we keep talking?

It isn’t simply because we believe meaning might someday, after all these centuries, be released from the depths and join its attendant word on the surface of the earth.

Along with the solemn vow to forward the jeans on schedule comes a list of rules which must not be violated, of which the most crucial is that the girls must never let anyone else remove the jeans from their bodies.

There is, however, a loophole: They can take them off themselves.

But no, the PG-rated movie isn't overloaded with sex, and its values are in the right place.

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The stories of the four girls comes, I learn, from a novel by Ann Brashares, who has written two more in the series.

The usefulness of her four-story structure is that none of the stories overstays its welcome, and the four girls aren't trapped in the same dumb suburban teenage romantic plot. Carmen has idealized her father, Al (Bradley Whitford), even though he dumped her mother (Rachel Ticotin) years earlier.

The insomniac knows she is missing something other than sleep, but she can’t know what, exactly.

I wrote this essay during a recent bout of insomnia that lasted a little over six months.


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