Essays On The Northwest Rebellion Of 1885

Essays On The Northwest Rebellion Of 1885-35
The government surveyors, who had come out with the railway, had proceeded to run their lines with a mathematical precision which ignored the rights of the half-breed owners of oblong farms; and the [Métis] became fearful that they would be again dispossessed.

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Eight of the Indian ring-leaders in the rebellion were also hanged; though Poundmaker and Big Bear both escaped with prison sentences.

The execution of Riel caused grave repercussions in Canadian politics, for his compatriots in French Canada were almost unanimous in demanding the remission of his sentence.

Some of these were [...] from the Red river valley, who, after having been granted farms of 240 acres in the Red river district, had sold out, and moved west to the Saskatchewan.

To all these native settlers the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway across the prairies brought a serious threat.

They had enjoyed a monopoly of the transportation business on the western prairies; and of this the railway threatened to rob them.

The buffalo, on which they had relied for a livelihood, had disappeared, and their farms had become their chief source of livelihood.

Essentially, for the next hundred years, consciously or unconsciously, the people of Quebec continued to punish the Conservative Party for the hanging of Riel.

In the process, with little, if any, support from Quebec, the Conservative Party became "le parti des Anglais" (the party of the English), forever unattractive to the people of Quebec.] [While it is clear that not all these consequences were fully grasped at the time, the contemporaries of Riel did appreciate the magnitude of the wound that had been inflicted on the national fabric of Canada.

The main force detrained at Qu'Appelle , and pushed north-west toward Batoche.

A second column, under Colonel Otter, proceeded north from Swift Current to the relief of Battleford; and a third column, under General Strange, marched north from Calgary to Edmonton. After being checked by a band of Crees under Poundmaker at Cutknife creek, he succeeded in relieving Battleford.


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