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The purpose of this research paper is to illustrate the overall importance of stress management in the workplace.

This stress is chronic until the transition to a new position is made. Job stress can be defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities , resources, or needs of the worker.

(NIOSH, 2014) Job stress is often confused with challenge, but clearly they are not the same.

With the effects of work related stress outlined above, it becomes clear that this phenomenon will definitely have dire consequences on the labour force and the socio-economic life of any nation.

Only in recent times has there been an appreciation of the enormity of the problems caused by work related stress and the attendant loss of productivity of a nation’s labour force.

For instance, some of the potential stressors are bad management practices, poor corporate culture, physical work environment, poor job designs and work scheduling, management of change, and inadequate support.

In today's unstable economic times many people have experienced upheaval, downsizing, layoffs, mergers and bankruptcies in their place of employment and it has cost hundreds of thousands of workers their jobs.

Challenge is a healthy and important ingredient for a healthy and productive work environment.

When people say that a little bit of stress is good for you, they are most likely referring to is having a position that provides a challenge.

Due to the increase in workload, psychological problems related to occupational stress have increased rapidly in Western countries (van der Klink, Roland, & Blonk, 2001).

More than ever before, job stress has become a hazard to the health of employees and in turn the health of organizations (Sauter, Hurrell, Scharf, & Sinclair, 2003). Retrieved November 11, 2008, from EBSCOhost Database.


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