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” The reader may be confused by the information, and you, as the writer, will seem to be presenting unconnected, irrelevant information that can be overlooked or forgotten.

In short, you increase reader confusion and reduce the level of communication.

The first sentence (or two) provides the transition from one idea to the next by demonstrating those connections. In example B.1, the first sentence of paragraph two establishes the context for the paragraph that follows.

First, it reveals the main idea: patients have multiple needs.

Whereas the context in example B.2 introduced the idea that patients have multiple types of needs, the content described those needs.

In this sample, the body of the paragraph listed three broad types of needs.

Every well-written paragraph needs three parts: context, content, and conclusion.

These three parts are known collectively as the 3 Cs.

If you have done well with providing the context and content, the reader will be ready to accept your conclusion.

A patient may have many needs that a single nurse, or other healthcare provider, cannot address alone.


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