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Its principal objectives are to ensure that the professional social workers were recognised as a non-bias worker.The code covered two main areas, including principles and practice, The statement of principles covers social workers understanding and identifying of the values and dignity for every human being, irrespective of origin, race, status, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religious belief.

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Controversies relating to different principles caused many problematic conclusions e.g. Individualisation could not be possible in the fast moving modern world, people lose their identity and individualisation is not respected.

Confidentiality has its limitations to be enforced e.g.

An inevitable part of social work is its values and ethics and the questions and debates that surround its structure.

Although values can be considered as personal and individualistic, it is also possible for a group with the same beliefs to share the same values, such as social work.

Social workers should be able to do: v Develop awareness of inter-relationship of the process of structural oppression, race, class and gender v Understand and counter act the impact of discrimination from poverty, age, disability and sectarianism v Demonstrate an awareness of individual and institutional racism v Understand gender issues and demonstrate anti-sexism in social work practice v Promote policies and practices which are non- discriminatory and anti- oppressive Demonstrating these skills in learning, acknowledge that they had competence in practice.

The Central Council for Education in Social Work stated that 'practice must be founded on, informed by and capable of being judged against a clear value base' (CCETSW, 1995).This knowledge base was very important, but it did not give ready-made answers as to how social workers should continue in any particular situation.However it gives lots of insight and clues about situations that social workers may face, it also enabled them to have an appropriate response for any particular predicament.There are professional ethical standards that are relevant to social workers in practice.These allowed social workers to work at a professional standard and to behave professionally.Never the less it is still down to the individual social worker to acquire and expand their knowledge base for practising in social work.The range of skills that can develop from learning will be responsible for an established and high quality in the service that are offered to service users.This hypothesis from uk The CCETSW set out details of a number of competencies that they should be able to cover in their work.It is considered that there are two main ideologies within social work, social justice and personal caring.For social work the code of ethics plays a major role in its training, policy making and its professional literature.These guidelines provide a framework for making sense of the practice in social work.


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