Evaluation Of A Research Paper

At the core of every evaluation essay there are three important elements – criteria, judgements and evidence. The criteria that you choose should establish what the ideal is for the product, service or brand that you are evaluating.

They will help to demonstrate what should be expected as an ideal example of what should be expected.

The authors use a case study methodology augmented by post-evaluation interviews and observations to consider how the principles are operationalized and what added value they may bring to the research.

The chapter ends with some implications for the ongoing use of CAE principles.

The same can be said about papers in conference proceedings, either in book or in journal format, although it is known that the peer review here is in general somewhat less strict.

In all other cases, evaluators should be aware of the necessity to try to obtain themselves some expert evaluation of the quality of the paper; we give some hints for doing this below.

Hence, the need to carry out study on efficient way(s) of protecting the information on EMR so that when even accessed it will remain incomprehensible except the approval is granted by the concern patient.

The proposed solution for the protection of patients' information on electronic medical record EMR in this research was based on secondary data.

In that paragraph you should fully explain the criterion, make the relevant judgements and offer supporting proofs.

One of the most common mistakes that students make with the mentioned type of paper is that they assume an evaluation is the same as writing a review.


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