Examples Of Critical Thinking Skills In Nursing

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What type of training and resources do you think is most helpful for younger nurses and clinicians to fully develop their critical-thinking skills?

With nursing, you never know what each day might hold or what type of care each patient may need.

In assessing new graduate nurses’ critical-thinking capabilities, it’s helpful to consider the fundamental principles of critical thinking.

Ask the following 4 questions: Just as there are similarities among the definitions of critical thinking across subject areas and levels, there are several generally recognized hallmarks of teaching for critical thinking.

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We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services. Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.Nurses who are able to take ideas and adapt them to multiple situations or convert knowledge to abstract or theoretical concepts have developed critical thinking skills.While nurses frequently operate as part of a care team, maintaining the ability to think independently and utilize available resources not only makes you a more effective nurse but also strengthens the team as a whole.PBDS evaluates a nurse’s ability to think critically in clinical situations, assessing ability to use clinical knowledge in real-world situations.Research has shown that these instruments predict strength in critical thinking in problem situations and success on professional licensure examinations.Nurses must have the ability to recognize changes in patient condition, perform independent nursing interventions, anticipate orders, and prioritize.These actions require critical thinking ability, advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate clearly.Patient safety may be compromised if a nurse cannot provide clinically competent care.Assessments such as a performance-based development system (PBDS) can provide information about learning needs and facilitate individualized orientation targeted to increase performance level.


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