Explain The Steps In Writing A Persuasive Essay

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For example, if you know your audience is likely to oppose your argument, brainstorm ways to compel them to keep reading even if they disagree.

If you don’t know who your audience will be, write in an inclusive way that doesn’t make assumptions or use generalizations, and remember to explain terms that may be unfamiliar.

Review evidence that supports the opposing viewpoint to help you better understand your issue and identify arguments you may want to dispute in your essay. Developing an outline can help you structure your essay to make sure your points are clear and flow in a logical, coherent order.

The format for a persuasive essay includes a clear introduction with a thesis statement, followed by three or more body paragraphs that show support for your thesis and include evidence to back up your ideas, and a powerful concluding paragraph that circles back to your thesis and summarizes your argument.

Create an outline beforehand that identifies your thesis statement, lists major points, cites evidence-based supporting points, and makes note of potential counter-arguments. You’re much more likely to construct a good argument if you feel like you have some proverbial skin in the game.

If you don’t have your choice of topic, that’s okay. What may work with one audience may fall completely flat with another. Maybe you’re speaking to middle-aged conservatives, or perhaps a cross-section of liberal undergraduate millennials. By doing so, you’ll develop an argument that could actually function in the real world.The first step in writing a persuasive essay actually takes place before you start drafting. Prewriting helps you plan your essay, organize your material and make sure you have everything you need to present a clear and coherent argument.Prewriting involves defining your approach, considering your audience, reviewing your research, and creating an outline.Research what you are assigned, find a way to connect it to your passions, and develop a real sense of ownership in the argument. At the core of any strong argument is solid evidence.But even as you channel your passion, keep your emotions in check. With that in mind, it is necessary to consider your audience. But he or she is not actually the intended audience. The notion that you can fake your way through a persuasive argument only works until you encounter someone who actually understands the subject. If you want to write a successful persuasive argument, you need to do your research.Organization starts with a clear, argumentative thesis statement (as mentioned above).This should be your reference point for the whole paper.Her articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines including “The Boston Globe,” “Reader’s Digest” and the “Miami Herald.” She holds a Master of Fine Arts in fiction. Hook_______________________________________________________ b. Thesis statement______________________________________________ c. Argument #1_________________________________________________ d. Argument #2_________________________________________________ e. Argument #3_________________________________________________ II. State your position clearly from the start, and restate it as you go along.Use a strong and clearly worded thesis statement in your opening paragraph, and continue to use it as a reference point as you develop your argument.


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