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The Communications Workers of America, which represents thousands of unionized Verizon employees in Pennsylvania, also has filed a petition with the PUC asking the state agency to investigate Verizon's maintenance of its copper-line phone network, arguing that the company isn't investing into it as it should.

Tanya Mc Closkey, Pennsylvania's acting consumer advocate, said she had not heard of "Fiber Is the Only Fix." Verizon customers, she said, should "expect a transparent process where they receive full and fair information about their rights and options." While "Fiber Is the Only Fix" targets individual customers or neighborhoods, Verizon also recently disclosed that it is forcing copper customers in entire geographic areas - zip codes - onto fiber with its "network transformation" project.

Verizon technicians need the formal approval of the customer at the home to do the actual fiber switch, Maguire said, adding, "If I find a technician who does not have that conversation, there will be consequences." James La Roy, 83, said that Verizon technicians installed the "optical network terminal," or Fi OS box, in his garage one night last year.

He had called Verizon because his copper-line phone in his East Germantown brick rowhouse wasn't working properly. Verizon says that its employees have worked with the regulators in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania and "none have found a reason to object to the initiative." Verizon expects to expand the program to New Jersey.

Millions more of Verizon's customers may face the same upgrade because the effort is expanding.

About 12 million copper-line customers remain after more than a decade of stringing high-capacity fiber and spending millions of dollars on advertising fiber-based Fi OS TV and Internet.

Spectrum is an internet service provider offering cable coverage to 100% of Englewood.

In addition to internet, they also offer TV and home phone service.

The Kaufmans didn't want to switch, believing copper was more reliable.

Philip called Verizon and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.


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