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In the letter written by the first moderator , the school was apparently told that insufficient emphasis was placed on the glossary of defined terms and so marks were limited to level One whatever the standard of data presentation and evaluation which followed.Second moderator clearly thought that was a little too harsh - though still didn't award marks above level 2.by sounds of it, your whole class has been pulled down, and managed to get hold of what I think is your classes results, and they all have gone down, so there's no real point you trying to get more marks I would just accept it, as it is still a good mark, especially for coursework.

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The marks for the other exam papers are all A* and As across the class, it seems, so a C grade for the controlled assessment is difficult to understand as well as disappointing. most of us given more marks, and I personally got 9 more marks and so moved to an A* overall (just).

Still only a Grade B for the coursework but hey......

Everyone I have spoken to thus far in my year group also got a C for their coursework, most having been downgraded from a mark equating to an A* or an A.

my school has a great record with GCSE Geography results in past years, presumably including controlled assessments, and the controlled assessment marks for all my other pieces of work in other subjects ( eg history, the three sciences and English stayed the same as the teachers award or were moderated upwards), so the school would appear to understand the marking criteria and standards expected.

The resources include comprehensive revision notes, glossaries, unique case studies, coursework advice and assistance, and geography tests.

Tests include multiple choice, map reading role play simulations and automated essay marking.Overall I got 351/400 in Geography and I only need 9 ums to get 360/400 which equals and A*.Now, my teacher graded my coursework at 58/60 and if my grade stood at that, I would get an A*. I filled each and every criteria to get the highest grade in each section and I have no idea why the grade went down. Any help and advice would help me a lot and thanks for reading and helping me. This year the marked the our GCSE's really harsh so your mark might just go up I know quite a few people who didn't get the mark they wanted and are going to try getting their coursework re-marked as well.we attended a recognised field centre for our data gathering, were strictly monitored to ensure our work was done within the time frames and in strictly controlled conditions.As with the sciences, we all checked our work against the assessment objectives so it is very hard to see how a piece of work can be marked down so drastically.Over the course of the three hours, the students browsed around the museums, manuscripts and artwork some of which dating back to the Egyptian era. There was so much to look at, I felt really inspired when drawing some of the objects.I especially enjoyed the variety of masks that there were, in fact, I drew one during our time there.All tests come complete with security-checked certificate awards.Case studies help support many GCSE Geography examination courses and are linked from several text book publishers including Nelson Thornes and Prentice Hall.I would ask what happened to the rest of the courseworks in your centre as if they'd all gone down by similar marks, then it was your teacher being to generous.Hi, it seems like a lot of people in our class got around 58-60/60 marks and I over heard the teacher said that the coursework which got sent away got around 48/60 marks.


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