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Athens, however recovered and won a series of battles between 410 and 406 BC.Athens is Defeated In 405 BC the Spartan general Lysander defeated the Athenian fleet in battle.Ancient Egypt refers to this civilization which was preeminent in the Mediterranean world.

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Before the War After the Persian War, Athens and Sparta had agreed to a Thirty Year Peace.

They didn't want to fight each other while they were trying to recover from the Persian War.

Although there were identified differences in how they traded, such variations were caused by geographical differences.

The Egyptians in Ancient Egypt focused on agricultural production and agriculture-related trade which was influenced by their proximity to the Nile River (Grimal 77).

In 404 BC the city of Athens surrendered to the Spartans.

The city-states of Corinth and Thebes wanted the city of Athens destroyed and the people enslaved. They made the city tear down its walls, but refused to destroy the city or enslave its people.

They sent a large force there to attack the city of Syracuse.

Athens lost the battle horribly and Sparta decided to retaliate starting the Second Peloponnesian War.

With the fleet defeated, the people in the city of Athens began to starve.

They did not have the army to take on the Spartans on land.


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