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There is a stigma associated with women who are supported by government aid, especially single mothers.The women on welfare are often treated poorly because people think they are taking advantage of the social welfare system.

They fit the description of the stereotypically single mother on welfare; they are lazy and selfish Dr. She conducted research on domestic violence among diverse low-income and welfare-reliant families.

Harris is the Deputy Director and Co-PI of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, a nationally representative survey designed to assess the health status of adolescents and to explore the causes of their health-related behaviors, with an emphasis on the influence of social context. Purvin also worked as a direct service advocate in a domestic violence shelter.

Some argue that there are plenty of poor families that get along without welfare and its benefits.

These people argue that the heads of these families have multiple jobs and work extremely hard to get by, while others just sit and collect a welfare check from the government.

She participated in several state policy committees through the Massachusetts Coalition against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (Purvin). Reich is an American legal and social scholar as well as writer and a Professor at Yale Law School.

The Benefits of Our Government The monstrous nature of government is evident to the everyday citizen.I feel that this is unfair to the hard workers, and unfair to us tax payers.Others say that these people are in their present situation because of their own ill choices in life and that the government owes them nothing.I know of mothers that fit this stereotype; adults still living in their parents houses, rent free, with several children from multiple fathers. Her dissertation analyzed the impact of intimate partner abuse on low-income family life in a changing social policy climate.The women I know do not work and they are hardly good parents. Her postdoctoral training was in Risk & Resiliency in Child & Adolescent development.It is also true that there exist a great number of people that abuse the welfare program.These individuals may enroll in welfare without the intention of ever getting a job. These ideas, or facts, can be used as a valid argument for the dismantling, or at least minimizing, of the welfare program.Without law or law enforcement, criminals would roam the streets and wreak havoc.Without a military, other countries would invade us violently.Currently steps are being taken by the government to reduce the number of welfare recipients as well as to minimize spending on the program itself.The president recently introduced his “Workfare” plan.


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