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Meanwhile, the 40% drop in favorable critiques could have reduced attendance, even if all 60 positive write-ups were well-known to prospective moviegoers.On the other hand, imagine that both total and percentage positive reviews for specific Super Screen movies increased this past year.However, questionable evidence and unwarranted inferences make the director’s case unpersuasive.

Since e-rater can’t grasp the meaning of the text being scored, it doesn’t actually look at content. So maybe the writing feedback the software supplied will reveal why I got a 5 rather than a 6.

Along with my score, e-rater reported some basic writing measures, such as word count, and presented an analysis of my essay’s grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and organization and development.

Suppose, for instance, that total positive movie reviews dropped from 1,000 to 500, while the corresponding Super Screen sum fell from 100 to 60.

The percentage of positive reviews would have risen from 10% to 12%.

To pull up the prompt, search the pool’s webpage for “Super Screen” (using Ctrl-F or ⌘-F). The advertising director recommends that Super Screen spend more of its budget on advertising next year.

The director argues that the company released good movies this past year, but poor public awareness of the quality of its films depressed attendance.

Based on these metrics, a less developed essay with longer sentences and more unique words appears to be a better essay. Style and vocabulary carry less weight than development, and the sample essay, despite having fewer total words, was a bit more developed than mine.

E-rater identified my last paragraph as a conclusion and my first as an intro with a thesis.

Could annual attendance have dropped to its lowest for reasons other than insufficient advertising?

Yes, one of the alternate causes already named, such as a sharp decline in total moviegoers, could explain the drop. If many of the write-ups offered only generic plaudits, like “fun movie,” or weakly positive ratings, such as “3 out of 5 stars,” these middling reviews probably would not have been strong attendance drivers.


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