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Again, your teacher might have already picked these out for you, but if not, you should choose pieces of literature that aren’t ambiguous in their themes, symbolism, motifs, and so on.

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To give it a little more context, we’ll be using the anonymous quote, “All conflict in literature is, in its simplest form, a struggle between good and evil.”There are so many pieces of literature you can draw from here, but I’m going to use The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

My outline would look like this: The body of your critical lens essay is going to be different depending on the genre of literature you use, how many sources you use, and so on.

That just means that if you do run into one, it can be more intimidating.

I’m here to explain the process of writing a critical lens essay that takes away the uncertainty so that you can tackle your topic with confidence.

Thesis statements for critical lens essays are a little different from those of other types of analyses, which makes sense because the whole essay takes a slightly different approach.

In your introduction, you should include the quote and your interpretation (rewording/explanation) of the quote.Not only that—you can also use it as a way to stay focused on the topic at hand.Everything that you write in your body paragraphs should relate back to your thesis statement.However, if you have filled out your outline in detail, it should be pretty straightforward.It’s often the conclusion that gives writers the most trouble in their analyses.Before you start writing your outline, however, you’ll need to figure out a few details. This will be decided in large part by the assignment itself. But if you have to choose one yourself, choose a quote that you know you can write about. In fact, the critical lens essay allows you to disagree with the quote if you have the right literary support for that assertion.Once you know which quote you want to use, you’ll have to decide which pieces of literature you want to support your quote.Any sources must be documented properly and your essay manuscript formatted according to MLA guidelines.A = 22.5-25 B = 19.5-22 C = 16.5-19 D = 13.5-16 Below 13 = F Late Drafts I'll accept late drafts for feedback, provided there is time for you to use my feedback before you hand in the final version.Before we get into how to write your critical lens essay, we should first talk a little more about what it is.It’s not an essay type that’s extremely common in most English or literature classes.


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