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Allow yourself to type (or handwrite) uncensored, not caring about grammar, punctuation, and so on.

This is zero draft writing, a way to dump your ideas to sift and shape later.

Such short intense bursts of writing will be more productive than spreading your work over long unplanned days.

(You write more in less time because you have allocated less time to work and thus must prioritize tasks and distill information.

This module develops a student's skills in research, usually, though not exclusively, involving critical analysis of primary source materials, alongside advanced engagement with secondary literature.

It requires students to demonstrate their ability in constructing a scholarly argument and sustaining discussion at greater length and at a more detailed level than in other points in the course.Use a paper or electronic calendar to block out the times you will reserve specifically for this writing project.Treat each writing timeslot as an appointment with yourself.You have a stack of research materials, a nebulous yet promising topic, and a looming deadline. In my work as a dissertation coach and academic writing consultant, I am often asked for concrete strategies for writing. I have found that the best recipe for sustained intellectual productivity is a mix of structured writing practices, time management strategies, and holistic lifestyle support. And how to stay motivated and sane during the writing process?Carafano, James J.“‘Waltzing into the Cold War’: U. 1143-74) of Gujarat, India: A Convert to Jainism in Historical Perspective“Vladimirov, Katya“The World Of Imperial Provincial Bureaucracy, Russian Poland 1870-1904“Powers, Daniel“All Roads Lead to Rome: French and German Christian Democrats, the Nation-State and the Reconstruction of Europe, 1945-1950“Qualls, Karl“Raised From Ruins: Restoring Popular Allegiance Through City Planning in Sevastopol, 1944-1953“Slater, Joseph“Down By Law: Public Sector Unions and the State in America, World War I to World War II“Veidlinger, Jeffrey“Soviet Politics on the Yiddish Stage: Moscow’s State Yiddish Theater, 1919-1949“ Carpenter, Kim“‘Sechs Kreuzer sind genug für ein Bier! J., Shinzo“Making Christian Lay Communities During the ‘Christian Century’ in Japan — A Case Study of Takata District in Bungo“Ke, Yan“Scholars and Communications Network: Social and Intellectual Change in 17th-Century North China“Jain, Asha“Kumarapala Chaulukya (r. S., and the Development of National Network Radio in the United States, 1925-1950“Taffet, Jeffrey A.“Alliance for What? Muhammad Al-Ghazali (1917-1996)“Pisiotis, Argyrios K.“Orthodoxy Versus Autocracy: The Orthodox Church and Clerical Political Dissent in Late Imperial Russia, 1905-1914“Pujals, Sandra“When Giants Walked the Earth: The Society of Former Political Prisoners and Exiles of the Soviet Union, 1921-1935“Reifowitz, Ian“Civic Nationalism in a Multiethnic Society: Conceptions of a Supraethnic Austrian Identity, 1848-1918“Ritenour, Perry“Chinese Banking and Foreign Trade (1949-1979) with a Focus on Guangdong“Taylor, Karen“Cher espoir de la nation sainte: The Maison Royale de Saint-Louis at Saint-Cyr“Wiggers, Richard“Creating International Humanitarian Law [IHL]: World War II, the Allied Occupations, and the Treaties that Followed“ Arpaia, Paul“Luigi Federzoni and the Italian Nationalist Association: From a Cultural Conception of Italy to a Neo-Conservative Political Program“Foehr, Sherry“Modernization for the Honor of the Estate: Die Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft, 1884-1914“Healy, Róisín“The Jesuit as Enemy: Anti-Jesuitism and the Protestant Bourgoisie of Imperial Germany, 1890-1917“Kawamura, S.The register contains research projects conducted by students enrolled in history programs at Canadian universities, either at the Masters or Ph D level.Find the list of theses by title, author name, university, the year that the thesis was undertaken or completed.


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