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Six years later, shortly after graduating from college and anxious about her life, Ms. Some build glitter globes with their students to serve as relaxing tools.

Others use aromatherapy oils, and encourage students to create flash cards with affirming motivational mantras like “I got this,” or “Done is Better than Perfect.”Further, Dr.

Braaten says there is no strong evidence that this type of hybrid treatment works.

Holly Schiffrin, a professor of psychological science at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va., who researches adolescent development and depression, says she thinks a tutor who helps a struggling student with study skills and confidence makes sense.“But there should be a plan in place for them to become fully functioning, independent adults,” she said.

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On a recent Sunday, Bari Hillman, who works during the week as a clinical psychologist at a New York mental health clinic, was perched at a clear, plastic desk inside a 16-year-old’s Manhattan bedroom, her shoeless feet resting on a fluffy white rug. Hillman was helping a private school sophomore manage her outsize worry over a long-term writing project.Leah Kesselman, a 28-year-old psychologist who works with Beyond Book Smart, a Boston-based firm with dozens of coaches in the New York area, says she has dealt with students who have repeatedly yelled at her, “Get Out,” or “We don’t need you.” To calm them down, she sometimes suggests a few minutes of video gaming or the Spotify playlists. Levy-Warren, the New York psychotherapist, says she worked with a student who once sobbed to her after learning she had received a “B” on a paper.To help, she used “reframing,” a popular cognitive behavioral therapy technique, getting at what a “B” symbolized to her and helping her develop a more positive outlook.The student had taped the project outline on the wall above the desk, at Dr. It was designed to serve both as a reminder that the project was due, and an empowering indicator of progress. Hillman mused about the way worry can morph into unhealthy avoidance, the cathartic power of deep breathing and the soothing nature of to-do lists. Hillman, 30, represents a new niche in the 0 billion tutoring industry.Neither a traditional tutor nor a straight-up therapist, she is an amalgam of the two.They respond to texts and emails and often send their own, nudging students to finish a homework assignment or stay positive before and during a big exam.Some have teenagers create playlists on Spotify that express their feelings about homework.During meetings that sometimes began at 9 p.m., Dr. And I felt underprepared.”Over the last year and a half, Dr.Levy-Warren taught her how to write an essay and take better notes, and also how to navigate the high school social scene and manage her parents. Levy-Warren has helped her come up with a study plan for the GRE, apply to graduate school and ward off worries about what she should and should not be doing with her life. Ansbro’s spirits when occasional bouts of worry and depression have set in. Braaten at The Clay Center notes that there are no licensing requirements for homework therapists, so guidelines as to what services they actually provide can be murky and uniform standards are nonexistent.Mellora Ansbro, a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University, began working with Dr.Levy-Warren when she was a junior at Riverdale Country School, a private school in the Bronx.


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