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The primary question is how much after-class tasks is too much.Experts in the field of college education recommend assigning tasks that will take no more than 2,5 hours per day.

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60% of parents today think that their kids receive a fair amount of homework.

More study & practice makes students better understand points included in their lessons.

Some parents were shocked to find out what students learn in gender studies classes.

If parents think that some subjects are useless or even harmful to their kids, they may want to choose a remote education. They should still keep in mind that distance learning may be the reason why their children will find it difficult to communicate with people and work in a team in the future.

Doing homework assignments with children motivates parents to take a more active part in school or college life.

It encourages them to communicate more with teachers in case they see that their kids receive an unfair amount of homework, easy tasks, or assignments that are useless.The children should be motivated to find the reply on their own to develop a deep understanding of the subjects along with critical skills such as: Solving an academic task for your kid, you do not empower him/her to achieve the learning goals.A child has to try theory in practice to get how it works.It’s also up to the parents to provide students with necessary resources & supplies.Without taking a look at the homework assignments, they will have no idea what their kids might need for studies.They stop seeing the limit as helping their child whenever they ask is like a nasty habit they can get rid of.It is better to give hints instead of the full, detailed answers simply.The worst part is when such parents lead their kids in the wrong direction.It is you who should be assessed, not your mom or dad.However, some school & college children do not feel okay with the after-class assignments they get.The time they spend learning leaves them without other important activities.


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