How To Write A Business Plan Introduction

While it is not usual for budgets to be changed during the period to which they relate (apart from the most extraordinary circumstances) it is common practice for revised forecasts to be produced during the year as circumstances change. to show performance at different levels of business.

This makes comparisons with actual outcomes more meaningful in cases where activity levels differ from those included in the budget.

You want to get it in as soon as possible, but you have no idea what to put in there, how long it should be, or even where to start.

Writing a business proposal doesn’t need to be daunting.

They will be looking for management commitment, with enthusiasm tempered by realism.

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The plan must be thought through and not be a skimpy piece of work. The plan must be used to run the business and there must be a means for checking progress against the plan.Preparing a Business Plan A business plan has to be particular to the organisation in question, its situation and time.However, a business plan is not just a document, to be produced and filed. The business plan has to be a living document, constantly in use to monitor, control and guide the progress of a, marketing, production, research and development, finance and administration).In addition, it is also normal to produce a "capital budget" detailing the capital investment required for the period, a "cash flow budget", a "stock budget" and a "master budget", which includes the budgeted profit and loss account and balance sheet.Budgets can be produced for units, departments and products as well as for the total organisation.Budgets for the forthcoming period are usually produced before the end of the current period.What Providers of Finance Want from a Business Plan Almost invariably bank managers and other providers of finance will want to see a business plan before agreeing to provide finance.Not to have a business plan will be regarded as a bad sign.An information system must be in place to provide regular details of progress against plan.Bank managers are particularly wary of businesses that are slow in producing internal performance figures. In particular they will be looking for two assurances:(1) that the business has the means of making regular payment of interest on the amount loaned, and(2) that if everything goes wrong the bank can still get its money back (i.e. Forward-looking financial statements, particularly the cash flow forecast, are therefore of critical importance. If something is going wrong it does not want this covered up, it wants to be informed - quickly.


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