I Sing The Body Electric Essay

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The robot arrives in the form of a genial older woman whom the children name Grandma.

She can do wondrous things like speak from her hands, produce kite string from her finger, and make marbles appear in the palm of her hand. While Tom and Karen are welcoming, Anne rejects Grandma.

The poem—in the final, 1892 edition of discussed here—is composed of nine numbered sections of free verse.

The title, joyously proclaiming the poet’s intent, is also the first line of section 1, which introduces the poem.

The Twilight Zone we present a typical Bradbury tale.

I Sing The Body Electric Essay Critical Thinking And Education For Democracy

It also has typical Bradbury ingredients, including a grandmother built in a factory.In order to approximate the rhythms of oratorical speech, he wrote in long lines that do not fit on one line on the page.He generally avoided the use of regular stanzas and rhyme.The first four lines speak of the connectedness of everyone the poet loves; the next four are a series of rhetorical questions that stress the evils of corrupting the body and proclaim a direct link between the body and the soul: “And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?” Section 2 states that the body of the male and of the female is “perfect” and that the expression of the human face “balks account”—its beauty simply cannot be explained.After one particularly angry outburst, Anne runs from the house.Grandma follows and learns that Anne is angry because the death of her mother has left the child feeling betrayed.Aunt Nedra pressures him to find someone who can bring togetherness to the home before he loses his children, Tom, Anne, and Karen.By chance, the family notices an advertisement, “I Sing the Body Electric,” from Facsimile Limited, a company which specializes in creating life-like domestic robots. They encounter an eccentric salesman who shows them the composite parts of a robot, a variety of eyes, hairstyles, ears, arms, torsos, and voices, from which the family can choose.” but observes beauty at the physical and sensual level—one recalls John Keats’s description of a life of sensation rather than thought.Whitman’s responses are immediate, bold, and unapologetic....


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