Importance Of Friendship Essay

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When we have success, they’re smiling at our good fortune.With down-to-earth, positive people in our life we will be more mindful of gratitude and doing nice things for others.

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But friendship is as important to our wellbeing as eating right and exercising.[tags: Personal Narrative Friendship Essay] - Friendship is a necessary aspect of every human’s life, as we are not self sufficient in and of ourselves (Other Selves, pg. Despite its necessity, in some cases we are either forced or morally required to end relationships.When the trust between two parties has been broken, the loyalty of the friendship is soiled, and it is therefore a true and just action to end the friendship. Friends can be described as: “an intimate associate, reliable, one who is not an enemy or foe, an ally, etc” (Webster’s, pg....[tags: Value of Friendship] - Riding With the Top Down; The Importance of Friendship “The silver friend knows your present and the gold friend knows all of your past dirt and glories.Once in a blue moon there is someone who knows it all, someone who knows and accepts you unconditionally, someone who is there for life.” This is a quote I read once in an article by Jill Mc Corkle. Mc Corkle’s description of a “gold friend” describes a friendship that I have with a group of girls who mean the world to me....Friendship is equally important to our mental health.One study even suggested spending time with positive friends actually changes our outlook for the better.Friendship is key to our success with all our relationships and it can create a sense of purpose in our lives.The people we bring into our lives as friends will show us how to forgive, laugh, and make conversation.In fact, it’s as important to our physical health as eating well and keeping fit.A recent Harvard study concluded that having solid friendships in our life even helps promote brain health.


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