Importance Of Problem Solving Skills

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In such situations, a template offers a way for people to contribute in a managed structured way.

The main template question can be whatever suits your purposes - it can be about timing, where, who, how, and is not necessarily restricted to two columns.

Use the brainstorming process to identify and develop options for decision-making and problem-solving.

If involving a group in the process then running a workshop is often a good approach.

They get run down." (Aneurin Bevan)"In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing." (attributed to Theodore Roosevelt - more maxims on the quotes page)There is often more than one good answers when you are faced with a complex decision.

Critical Thinking S Nursing Students - Importance Of Problem Solving Skills

When you've found the best solution you can find, involve others in making it work, and it probably will.(More useful rules, acronyms and training ideas on the acronyms page.) A simple process for decision-making is to compile a 'weighted' scored , of 'pros and cons' list.Some decisions are a simple matter of whether to make a change or not, such as moving, taking a new job, or buying something, selling something, replacing something, etc.Other decisions involve number of options, and are concerned more with how to do something, involving a number of choices.This first simple example below enables the weighting of the pros and cons of buying a new car to replace an old car.The methodology is easily adapted for more complex decisions, such as in business strategy and consideration of more complex factors (notably found within other tools such in SWOT and PEST and Porter's Five Forces).(The actual scores below are examples and are not suggested weightings of how to make such a decision, which must be your own ideas).You will find that writing things down in this way will help you to see things more clearly, become more objective and detached, which will help you to make clearer decisions.Using a scoring template also allows for the involvement and contribution of other people, far more objectively, controllably and usefully, than by general discusssion without a measurement framework.Your own mood and feelings can also affect how you assess things, which is additional justification for the need of a measurable and robust method.In bigger strategic business decision-making, it is often beneficial to seek input from others as to factors and weighting scores.People that are less natural decision-makers are often able to make quality assessments, but then need to be more decisive in acting upon the assessments made.Problem-solving and decision-making are closely linked, and each requires creativity in identifying and developing options, for which the brainstorming technique is particularly useful.


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