Improving Critical Thinking

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You can objectively identify “lessons learned” from experience.Example: A preceptor realizes the importance of having debriefing session with a new nurse who has just had her first experience with a patient who had a cardiac arrest.

For new nurses, being proactive is difficult and requires expert guidance and keeping references handy.

Examples: Practicing what to do if things go wrong when encountering a patient who isn’t breathing; bringing extra sterile gloves when doing sterile procedures.

Let’s begin by looking at some synonyms: • Reasoning is a commonly used synonym for thinking.

• The term critical in critical thinking is synonymous with important, necessary, or required.

deconstructing and analyzing the reasoning process to identify assumptions, look for flaws and omissions, gain insight, and correct and improve thinking.

Experienced clinicians reflect on their thinking during thinking-in-action, double checking themselves to make necessary corrections.

Notice that clinical judgments are the results or outcomes of thinking and reasoning.

If the course you have chosen to take includes a clinical vignette, you will be asked to review the vignette and answer 3 or 4 questions.

Once you successfully complete the short test associated with the clinical vignette (if there is one), proceed to the course posttest.

To earn contact hours, you must achieve a score of 75%.


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