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Communication between cultures may occur through verbal communication or nonverbal communication.Culture influences verbal communication in a variety of ways, particularly by imposing language barriers.

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Function, or context, interprets the meaning of the words and sentences being said to understand why a person is communicating.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of a person's background, ideas and beliefs and consider their social, economic and political positions before attempting to decode the message accurately and respond appropriately.

Asynchronous messages can serve as reminders of what has been done and what needs to be done, which can prove beneficial in a fast-paced health care setting.

However, the sender does not know when the other person will receive the message.

Benefits of synchronous communication include immediate message delivery, and fewer chances of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

A disadvantage of synchronous communication is that it can be difficult to retain, recall, and organize the information that has been given in a verbal message, especially when copious amounts of data have been communicated in a short amount of time.

Form refers to the words and sounds of language and how the words are used to make sentences.

Meaning focuses on the significance of the words and sentences that human beings have put together.

The retrospective context is everything that comes before a particular behavior that might help understand and interpret that behavior, while the emergent context refers to relevant events that come after the behavior.

Context can include all aspects of social channels and situational milieu, the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of the participants, and the developmental stage or maturity of the participants.


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