Interview Essay Questions

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We also suggest referring contextual information according to the required citation format.

Remember that all direct quotations must be written in quotation marks, while paraphrasing shouldn’t include them.

Please look over the instructions on this page to help you prepare your application to Duke’s Daytime MBA program.

We appreciate all the work you’re doing to ensure your application package is complete.

Study your subject, its history,and most important issues.

You have to collect enough information to write a list of interesting and relevant questions.If the interview is used in your essay to support a certain position or provide an opinion on some broad issue, the thesis statement may formulate this position, mentioning the interviewee in the context of the considered issue.No matter what format you choose, remember that your thesis statement must be clear and coherent.It is important to understand why you are writing your interview essay paper, not just for your own benefit but because it affects the person being interviewed, chosen method and even the way you write the paper.It goes without saying that if you only have a vague idea about a topic, the interview is not going to go very well.Remember the admissions committee can only review completed application packages.If you have questions after looking over the information here, feel free to send an email to the admissions office.There are several types of interview essays, but all of them are aimed to create an impression that readers talked to somebody personally.Now let’s consider interview essays in more detail, so you’ll be able to write a good essay, following simple step-by-step instructions.While there is no universal interview essay format, the key objective for all of them is demonstrate that you have talked to somebody who has something important to share.Let us look at a typical interview essay paper that can help you make yours look its best.


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