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Test takers who write the essay must complete an additional 50-minute section.Through a partnership with a research organization called AIR Assessment, the College Board began offering a digital version of the SAT in 2017, albeit in a very limited number of test districts.

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For added protection, responses go directly to scorers prior to removal from the servers.

While convenient for students comfortable with online testing, most students must still take the SAT at a test site and not at home on their personal computer.

The College Board leaves the decision to individual school districts to choose whether or not to adopt the online SAT.

As of this year, most students still take the test on paper, though the option to take the SAT online will undoubtedly grow to meet the demand.

By reading passages and answering multiple-choice questions about them, students challenge their aptitude for critical reading comprehension.

Test takers must find evidence within a passage to support the author's claims and explore relationships between passages, charts, tables, and graphs.As students increasingly rely on the internet for many other standardized tests, test takers should prepare for the eventuality of the SAT going online.Among the College Board's preferred test-prep affiliates, Khan Academy now enables students to preview the digital SAT.Most test takers still complete the SAT on paper, though select districts now offer a computer-based test.Students answer primarily multiple-choice questions for the reading, writing, and language tests, with some "grid-ins" in the math section.Taking the SAT online requires that students use "virtual" scratch paper and offers them the option of digitally selecting answers instead of filling in a scantron sheet with a pencil. On the online SAT, the AIR Assessment software encrypts a student's answers using a built-in proprietary browser and a unique diagnostic tool.Multiple servers manage data from test takers to prevent network overload.Students take subject tests at the same location as the general SAT, but may not take both tests on the same day.Subject test registration costs and includes up to three subject tests per test date.The College Board administers the SAT, which encompasses two primary sections in evidence-based reading and writing and in math.Students may also choose to complete the SAT essay -- optional since the test's 2016 redesign.


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