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Some people think that "The Death of Ivan Ilych" holds a lot of symbolism between the story and Tolstoy's life.In "The Death of Ivan Ilych" there is a lot of symbolism of life and death as compared to Tolstoy's life. He set out to achieve his goals, and make his money.Ivan made this his main focus in life, it was his answer to every enigmatic and life obstacles, even choosing who to marry because he always “did what people of the high standard considered correct” (56).

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When Ivan was informed that he was dying, it completely changed his views on life.

Before his death sentence, Ivan was completely involved in his work, and did not make time for anything else, such as having any relationship with his family.

Besides these considerations, the fact that one of their colleagues had died brought up the thought, "it is he who is dead and not I" (Tolstoy 1185).

One of the few colleagues mentioned that went to Ivan's funeral was Peter Ivonovich.

This short story teaches a lesson about how death affects the personality of those that cross its path.

Ivan Ilyich, a member of the Court of Justice, faces death at young age of forty-five.As it says, "Ivan...[spent] less and less time with his family, and when obliged to be at home he tried to safeguard his position by the presence of outsiders.....The whole interest of his life now centered in the official world and that interest absorbed him" (Tolstoy 1194).It is a world-wide most desire life style fore no one wants to experience unkind and difficult life style .The second way is inner appearances; the authentic life. His entire struggle with mental suffering took a toll on him and at the same time made his physical pain worse. As he became more famous and achieved more he began to question his own life and well-being.He wondered what the point of life was and what his purpose in life was; he often thought about suicide.He turned to science but nothing lead him to the answers he needed.Tolstoy didn't like the idea that if we die we realize that we don't have forever and that we should take life more seriously.He accepted that death was there but it was OK because in the end there would be no more pain.So then "He drew in a breath, stopped in the midst of a sigh, stretched out, and died." With that he died peacefully and full of joy.


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