Jim Smiley And His Jumping Frog Essay

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Eastern elites viewed the West with suspicion and scorn, a lawless backwater of heathen Indians and howling wilderness. The real Boone was a Revolutionary War veteran and an early settler of Kentucky.

The mythic Boone was nothing less than a superhero.

As Daniel Boone knew, there was no shortage of ways for a man to die in the West.

He could die slowly from starvation or exposure, or suddenly, from an encounter with a Shawnee brave or a bear or a bobcat.

The following quotes show Twain's main purpose is using dialect, which is to emphasize the rural feel of the story's setting.

On page 1189 the narrator says "He was always ready and laying for a chance; there couldn't be no solit'ry thing mentioned but that feller'd offer to bet on it, and take ary side you please, as I was just telling you." On page 1190 the narrator says, "Other dogs jest by the j'int of his hind leg and freeze to it—not chaw ." Smiley uses some interesting and somewhat peculiar phrases at the end of the story: Smiley he stood scratching his head and looking down at Dan'l a long time, and at last he says, ‘I do wonder what in the nation that frog throw'd off for—I wonder if there ain't something the matter with him—he ‘pears to look mighty baggy, somehow.' And he ketched Dan'l by his neck, and hefted him, and says, "Why blame my cats if he don't weigh five pound!

The way that the characters behave is very distinctive.

Dialect is also used to give the reader a convincing impression of the setting in "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County".

The success of “Jim Smiley” made him nationally famous.

“No reputation was ever more rapidly won,” observed the , perform to sold-out audiences at home and overseas, and build a mansion in Hartford, Connecticut, staffed with servants and outfitted with indulgences like a telephone, a billiard table, and a battery-powered burglar alarm.


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