Letter From A Birmingham Jail Essay

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People who are privileged do not even know what it is like to work hard to earn your blessings, and that is what us wrong with our world today.King’s argument about those who are privileged is evident throughout world history and continues onto modern day.

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Which is why King was in jail to begin with, and also why he wrote his letter in response to the clergyman.Which is completely true, hence is why I qualify with his statement.King lived in the 1960s and was a anti-segregationist activists.King’s statement about how the privileged are not quick to give up their privileges is evident throughout our history.When the slaves in America were enslaved the white slaveholders who were clearly privileged were not quick to give up their ownership over theses people, in fact they even went to war over this issue.At several points in the Letter, King reinforces his reasonable tone by acknowledging the validity of his critics' concerns about the violence in Birmingham: His tone here is conciliatory and respectful of the clergymen's fears about the violence that King's non-violent resistance has sparked, but he puts them at ease by acknowledging the reasonableness of their concern.King maintains own tone of reasoned disagreement throughout the Letter.Personally speaking as a competitive dancer I have seen an example of this first hand.The more money you put into the sport it is evident that you get out more.Also he was a member of the clergy and a very influential member in our American history.In the 60s blacks and whites were separated in everything they did, from schooling all the way down to restrooms and water fountains.


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